Join us for our in-person or virtual educational presentations – open to all! 

Join us for our *FREE* in-person programs or virtual programs, held on the third Tuesday of each month (September through April). In-person presentations are at the Laramie County Public Library (2200 Pioneer Avenue, Cheyenne WY) at 7:00 p.m. We also use Zoom to allow participants to view our presentation on-line. Look for details as to topic and speaker in the newsletter.

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For further information on lectures, please call 307-634-0463. Be sure to share your own bird sightings to share with other attendees using the chat function in Zoom.

Recorded Programs

April 18, 2023 presentation “What Birds Eat” by David Leatherman. You may also enjoy Hungry Birds: The Photography of David Leatherman.

Note: We apologize for the issues with Zoom during this presentation. Every time that Zoom was opened, the projector at the public library shut down completely. As we are all volunteers, we do the best that we can to make our Zoom recordings happen but without dedicated IT staff, there is never a guarantee. The best option is to try to attend in person if that is possible. Thank you for your understanding.

March 21, 2023 “High Plains Arboretum Bluebird Nest Box Project” by Rustin Rawlings, MD, Audubon volunteer and nestbox “landlord” for the Bluebird Nest Project.

February 21, 2023 “eBird Demystified – Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices” by Don Jones, Lead Regional eBird Reviewer for Wyoming and Masters Student at the University of Wyoming

January 17, 2023 “Otters Dance: A Rancher’s Journey to Enlightenment and Stewardship” with Bob Budd, author. Interested in learning more about his new book? Check out this link: Otters Dance