Purpose: In support of our mission, the Cheyenne-High Plains Audubon Society (CHPAS) will offer small grants for the purpose of conservation, scholarship, and community outreach.  Look here for grants awarded in 2019.

  • Conservation grants include conservation and restoration projects as well as scientific research.
  • Scholarship grants include attendance at conferences, workshops, or summer camps.
  • Outreach grants support projects that increase knowledge and appreciation for birds, other wildlife, and habitats.

Geographic Limitations: Grants will be considered for applicants residing in the Wyoming counties of Laramie, Platte, and Goshen Counties; or for projects taking place in these counties.

Funding: Requests for funding will be considered up to $ 500.00. There is no deadline for submission (we have a rolling application process) and the Chapter reserves the right to limit the total number of grants that it approves on an annual basis, depending upon availability of funds and qualifying projects.  Notifications of approval of the grant and distribution of the monies may take up to 3 months, so please plan accordingly.

 Application: The application should be no more than 3 pages (single-spaced with 12-point font, including references [if applicable]). Please address each of the following:

  1. Name and contact information (address, phone, email)
  2. Project Title
  3. Purpose of project
  4. Project description (including methods and expected outcomes/products, as well as the number of participants/beneficiaries of the grant).
  5. Timeline for completion
  6. Statement of project relevance to CHPAS
  7. Explanation of how the grant money will be spent
  8. If additional funding is required to complete the project, provide a list of other contributors with the total funding committed by each, if this information is known at the time of submission.
  9. If any permits or landowner permissions are required, include a statement as to their status.
  10. How will you recognize and involve CHPAS in your project? For example:
    provide pictures for us to use in brochures or on Facebook, acknowledge our financial assistance in any advertising you do, invite us to assist with the project, etc.

Note:  Applicants under 18 years of age must have an adult sponsor and the sponsor must provide a statement of endorsement under separate cover (either email or U.S. mail).

Grant Stipulations:

  • If the project is not completed due to unforeseen circumstances, the recipient will submit receipts for the portion of the grant spent and reimburse CHPAS for the unused portion of the grant.
  • If the project is not carried out according to the proposed project description, the grantee may be required to reimburse the full grant amount.
  • A two-to-three paragraph (non-technical) report, suitable for publication in our monthly newsletter, is to be submitted within six months of the conclusion of the project.
  • A presentation will be required at a monthly CHPAS meeting within 6 months of the conclusion of the project.
  • CHPAS will be acknowledged as a supporting organization in any publications resulting from the research, and copies of the publication will be sent to CHPAS.


Checks will be written to the applicant unless specified otherwise.

Please submit proposals in Word or a .pdf format to: with the subject line: Grant Submission (Your Last Name)

Example:  Grant Submission (Douglas)

Questions should be address to the Chapter email address with subject line: Grant Inquiry

To download the above information in a pdf format, click here: CHPAS Conservation & Education Grant 2023