Cheyenne Greenway Cleanup:  CHPAS periodically works with the Greenway coordinator to clean up portions of the Greenway system in Cheyenne.  Our Greenway is a local treasure with great birding along many segments.  Taking a walk?  Take along gloves and a trash bag and ensure that our Greenway system remains beautiful for everyone.  Organized clean-up events will be announced in the CHPAS newsletter or contact for more information.


Fall 2016.  Curt Gowdy Burdock Removal was conducted in September 2016 by Audubon volunteers.  Burdock is an invasive species that grows in wetter areas.  Growing about 8 feet tall in Wyoming, the prickly little seed clusters can trap small birds that touch them, with starvation the unfortunate outcome.  Burdock is also a nuisance to people, their pets and livestock.  Other organized clean-up events will be held in the future.  Watch our newsletter for more details!