Mother and Colt bannerCheyenne Birds by the Month by Barb Gorges and Pete Arnold (2018).

Birds of the Month

A collaborative effort by Barb and Pete, Cheyenne Birds by the Month was created using the checklist of local birds prepared by Jane Dorn and Greg Johnson for the Cheyenne-High Plains Audubon Society.  Barb chose 104 of the most common species and set to work figuring out which weeks to assign them to.  Pete perused his photos and was able to match about 90 percent. The result?  A glorious book of bird images and written bird impressions by two of Wyoming’s most avid and experienced birders.  The book will be available at the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens, the Wyoming State Museum Gift Shop, Gardening with Altitude, and Riverbend Nursery.

About the Authors

Barb Gorges: Barb Gorges has, over the last 30 years, frequently been president of the Cheyenne-High Plains Audubon Society. The members have been her chief mentors in all things bird-related. For the last 20 years she’s been passing that knowledge on through a monthly bird column published in the Wyoming Tribune Eagle and through her blog Cheyenne Bird Banter. She and her husband Mark, also a frequent president of the chapter, enjoy birding whenever they travel, especially to visit far-flung family.

Barb 2018
Author Barb Gorges

In addition to leading the Cheyenne-High Plains Audubon Society, Barb is a Master Gardener and expert quilter.  Learn more about her other publications at Yucca Road Press.  

Pete Arnold: Pete Arnold is an avid amateur avian photographer who has been shooting photos for 60 years. He is a member of the Board of Directors for Audubon Rockies which includes Wyoming and Colorado.

Pete the Photog
Photographer Pete Arnold

Pete and Ruth, his wife of 50 years, have lived in Cheyenne since 1979. Pete judges the Wyoming Wildlife annual photo contest and his photos of birds have appeared in Doug Faulkner’s Birds of Wyoming, Wyoming Wildlife, Wyoming Tribune Eagle and on Pinedale Online.

Additional Birding Resources …

Suggestions for birding in the Cheyenne area and around the state are included as a part of Wyoming Birds, Second Edition, by Jane L. and Robert D. Dorn, Mountain West Publishing, Cheyenne, 1999.

Birds of Wyoming, by Douglas W. Faulkner, (c) 2010, is an excellent desk reference for common and not-so-common species observed in Wyoming ever since bird sightings started being formally documented in the early 1900s.  It includes several essays on the history of ornithology in Wyoming, Wyoming wildlife habitats, and resident and non-resident species accounts, with color photos and range maps.  Published by Roberts and Company, Greenwood, Colorado, and available through both the publisher and