burrowing owlWe must act now.  We’re in a race against time – to give birds a fighting chance in a changing world.  We need YOUR voice!

Birds and their habitats are under attack.  We need your help as we fight back, here in Wyoming, to protect birds and the places that we all call home.

To respond to this urgent need, CHPAS has created the CHPAS Advocacy Network, a cadre of individuals who want to learn about environmental issues, and contact their elected officials to share their knowledge about conservation and environmental issues.  Your voice matters to our elected officials.  Together, in a coordinated effort, we can make a difference!   Contact us at if you would like more information about advocacy activities. 

*** Wyoming Partners in Conservation ***

The following groups are partners in conservation activities and environmental education.  If you are interested in learning more about issues that affect Wyoming lands and wildlife, check them out!

Wyoming Wildlife Federation * Wyoming Wilderness Association * Wyoming Outdoor Council* Wyoming Chapter|Sierra Club * Wyoming Chapter|The Nature Conservancy * Wyoming Backcountry Hunters and Anglers