Teaching Materials

Recommended Materials

1. USDA National Resources Conservation Service, The USDA Southern Plains Climate Hub, The Soil Carbon Coalition, Redlands Community College, and The Dixon Water Foundation.

A Walk in the Rain: Observing Soil and Water Interactions. Participants observe and document erosion, runoff, ponding, sealing, and infiltration in a variety of places during and after an actual rainstorm. (page 83-100)

Complete Teacher’s Manual: Understanding Soil Health and Watershed Function

2. National Association of Conservation Districts

Where Would We BEE Without Pollinators? (Grade Level: Grades K-1)

Conservation Education Hub

3. Wyoming Stewardship Project

Wyoming Stewardship Project: Why does agriculture matter to Wyoming? (Grade Level: 2-5th).

Wyoming Stewardship Project: Why are minerals and energy important to Wyoming? (Grade Levels: 2-5th).

4. Audubon Resources

Audubon For Kids

Source: Audubon for Kids https://www.audubon.org/get-outside/activities/audubon-for-kids