Dry Creek Project

Dry Creek Project Site: June 2021

Laramie County, as other parts of Wyoming, has sustained a severe reduction in native plains forb diversity over the last century. This project is part of a larger restoration of Dry Creek’s floodplain connectivity to improve both function and vegetation diversity.  The Riparian Wetlands Demonstration Project focuses on improving riparian wildlife and bird habitat within the Dry Creek corridor between Campstool Road and I-80.  Creation and re-vegetating this riparian floodplain will improve species richness and diversity. The newly replenished floodplain will increase forage and even cover habitat for mule deer that frequent the area but do not stay due to a lack of suitable cover.  The same habitat will benefit small mammals, like mink, numerous bird species, and a multitude of pollinator species.

Our goals are: To increase sinuosity (meandering) of the existing channel through the use of Beaver Dam Analogs (BDA’s) and Post Assisted Log Structures (PALS) and to revegetate the floodplain to benefit native pollinators and to provide forage, nesting and cover habitat for birds and wildlife. This website will provide documentation of our work and will allow the public to follow the evolution of the project.

Special thanks to the National Audubon Society for funding to make this project possible.

Interested in more information about how to induce meandering in a creek or stream? We recommend the following books:

Let The Water Do The Work: Induced Meandering, an Evolving Method for Restoring Incised Channels by Bill Zeedyk and Van Clothier. Book Information

Low-Tech Process-Based Restoration of Riverscapes Design Manual by Joseph M. Wheaton, Stephen N. Bennett, Nicolass Bouwes, Jeremy D. Maestas & Scott M. Shahverdian. Book and Pocket Guide Information