Build Your Native Prairie Island!

The Native Prairie Island Program will help landowners sow flowering native plants within their leach field footprint. Leach fields are often wetter, offering an opportunity to start a stand of native plants with minimal watering by the homeowner. New leach fields with no grass or plants will require no preparation but if your leach field is already covered in grass or other vegetation, tilling will be required before the seed can be planted.

A limited amount of native prairie plant mix is available for seeding in the disturbed areas around new home construction. LCCD can also recommend an appropriate grass mix for your prairie property. Native Prairie Islands will benefit pollinators, improve wildlife habitat, provide cover for nesting birds and generally improve prairie health.

The wildflower mix will include popular favorites like Blanket Flower, Black-eyed Susan, Mexican Hat, Plains Coreopsis, Purple Prairie Clover, and Rocky Mountain Penstemon. Homeowners will rent a seeding machine from the Laramie County Conservation District with complimentary wildflower seed (while supplies last). Wildflower species may vary, based on availability.

For more information, contact Rex Lockman, Wildlife and Range Specialist at the Laramie County Conservation District. Call now (307-772-2600)… spring is planting time!