Snow Goose and Sandhill Crane Migration Happening Now!

Snow Geese at Table Mountain WHMA
Snow Geese at Table Mountain WHMA by Kirk Miller (03.22.23)

This week and next week are prime times to see thousands of Snow Geese and Sandhill Cranes (not to mention other waterfowl) throughout the southeastern Wyoming region.  Volunteers recently visited Springer/Bump Sullivan Wildlife Habitat Management Area and Table Mountain Wildlife Habitat Management Area – both just south of Torrington.  Our thanks to Kirk Miller for the wonderful photograph of Snow Geese. 

These and other prime viewing locations can be found on the Cheyenne-High Plains Audubon Society website at Birding Our Region/Locations

For those of you interested in a slightly longer trip, check out Rowe Sanctuary in south central Nebraska.  Tickets are still available to view cranes for some April dates and you can also use their popular (and free!) Crane Cam ( to see the migration live from your home too!  Look for activity at dawn and dusk. During the day, Sandhill Cranes leave the river to feed in nearly farm fields.  Be sure to keep your sound on so that you can hear their calls as they come to and leave the Platte River. 

Keep your eyes open for large white birds among the Sandhill Cranes.  Whopping Cranes usually fly in later in the migration, mixing among the Sandhill Cranes both in the farm fields and on the Platte River. 

Living in southeastern Wyoming, we are just a few miles away from the Central Flyway and one of the greatest migrations in the world.  Don’t miss this amazing experience! 

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