January 23 CHPAS Calendar – Happy New Year!

Grant Frost_Bushtit 2022
Bushtit at Lions Park, Winter 2022 by Grant Frost

What an exciting day we had on December 17th for the Cheyenne Christmas Bird Count!  You can read more about the species that we saw and the numbers of birds in Barb Gorges article written for the January 23 Edition of Flyer.  Some highlights include a flock of Bushtits seen by a number of our members during the months of November and December in Lions Park.  These adorable little fellows were hanging out with the Mountain Chickadees in the scrub by Peanut Pond and near the stage area.  A Pine Warbler has been a regular visitor during the fall to Chuck Seniawski’s backyard and fortunately, he stayed around for the count.  Two Great Horned Owls and an Eastern-screech Owl made the count (both found east of Cheyenne), two Northern Shrike were spotted, as were one Merlin and one American Kestrel.  Read about all of the species that were identified (a total of 51 were identified in the Cheyenne survey area) in Flyer.


More information about all activities can be found in the January 2023 issue of FLYER.

January 17, 7:00 p.m. – Program: “Otters Dance: A Rancher’s Journey to Enlightenment and Stewardship” book talk by Bob Budd. 

Otters DanceJoin us for the program held at the Laramie County Library in the Cottonwood Room, at 2200 Pioneer Ave. Books will be available for sale. Bob is a fifth-generation Wyoming native who has been executive director of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association, managed ranches for The Nature Conservancy and currently is executive director of the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust, a state agency. He’s also served as chair of the Wyoming Sage-Grouse Implementation Team.

January 21, 8:00 a.m. – Field Trip: Location TBA due to snow.

Due to expected snow, the location for this field trip will be changed to a site within Laramie County TBA. If you are interested in going, contact Grant Frost, 307-343-2024, so that he has a list of those expected, and can let you know if the plans change for any reason.

January 24, 6:30 p.m. – Board Meeting – Laramie County Conservation District Headquarters

The January meeting will be held at LCCD’s new headquarters at 1923 Whitney Road.  Contact Wanda Manley, cheyenneaudubon@gmail.com, if you would like to participate in helping to plan chapter activities.  We need more volunteers!

January 27, 8:00 a.m. – Country Club Bird Survey

Contact Chuck Seniawski to be on his email notice list: 307-638-6519 or chuckski@aol.com. The count will start in the Country Clubhouse’s main parking lot.


Don’t forget to register for the 9th Annual Habitat Hero Workshop, “Landscaping for Water Realities on the High Plains” scheduled for February 4, 2023 at LCCC. 

More information can be found here: 2023 Habitat Hero Workshop

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