Sandhill Crane Migration in Full Swing!

The Crane Cam at Rowe Sanctuary is an amazing way to view the annual spring migration of the Sandhill Crane (and many other birds) from the comfort of your home, no matter where you may live. The cranes fly in at dusk and leave the Platte River early in the morning, so these are the best times to witness the migration through the Crane Cam. Be sure to listen to the sound too – that is an integral part of the experience!

Rowe Sanctuary Crane Cam 03.16.22

To see photos taken by the Audubon Explore camera, check out “Gallery“. The sunsets at Rowe are beyond belief. If you can, visit in person (Rowe is about 5 hours east of Cheyenne) but if you can’t, enjoy these wonderful photos today! And please consider supporting Audubon’s Rowe Sanctuary if you can. They are integral partners in wildlife and habitat conservation along the Platte River.

Worthy of an artist’s palette – Rowe Sanctuary Crane Cam

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