March Field Trips and Meetings


Many of you attended and enjoyed Nathan Pieplow’s “The Language of Birds”.  We have been asked if the program was recorded and it was not.  We do hope to have Nathan join us in Cheyenne for a book-signing when the weather improves.  In the meantime, Nathan directed us to many resources at The Cornell Lab Bird Academy.  You can explore the companion sound library resources and learn more about how to visualize sounds. 


We hope that everyone came through Cheyenne’s 31 inch snows with a minimum of discomfort.  Remember that migration has started!  Rowe Sanctuary has a wonderful “Crane Cam” where you can enjoy seeing the Sandhill Cranes coming in at dusk and leaving at dawn.  Did you miss the perfect time of day to see the cranes?  You can roll back the video to watch the morning action or visit the “Gallery” on the site to see photos that have been taken.  Sign in and you can take photos like the one above, downloading them to your phone or computer.  It isn’t like being there but it is a great alternative! 

Field Trip to Bump Sullivan Wildlife Habitat – rescheduled!

This trip was moved from March 20th until Saturday, March 27th because of the blizzard.  We leave at 8:00 a.m.  All other previous instructions apply.  Please call Grant Frost at 307-343-2024 if you plan to attend.  We will not be carpooling but will form a car caravan because of COVID-19.  Important note – there is no gas once we leave Cheyenne, so make sure that your tank is full. 

Virtual Board Meeting – March 23rd, 7:00 p.m.  Contact Terry Harper at if you would like to participate in the meeting or help to plan chapter activities. 

Country Club Bird Survey – March 26th, 8:00 a.m.  Call Chuck Seniawski to take part at 307-538-6519. 

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