The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Needs YOU TODAY!

The Bureau of Land Management has issued a “call for nominations” to invite oil companies to drill in the sacred Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. And they will only accept mailed-in or hand-delivered comments; no electronic comments will be accepted.  

Please mail a letter to the Bureau of Land Management telling them oil development has no place in the Arctic Refuge. We will provide you with a sample letter and the mailing address. You provide the stamp! Comments must be received in Anchorage by December 17.

A sample letter can be found by visiting the Audubon Action Center. Remember to personalize your letter; any letter helps but letters that you individualize get more attention.

Birds that we all love, like Snow Geese, Sandhill Cranes, Tundra Swans and others depend upon this important refuge for breeding.

Remember … to get to Alaska by the required deadline, your letter needs to be mailed as soon as possible! (Make it FLY!!!)

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