Pine Bluffs Bioblitz Plant List

One of our members, Greg Johnson, recorded the following list of 53 plant species of plants:

Ponderosa Pine and the BioBlitz crew by Mark Gorges

Plants observed 7-18-20 Pine Bluffs BioBlitz

Ponderosa pine Pinus ponderosa
Rocky Mountain juniper Juniperus scopulorum
Shrubs and half shrubs  
Skunkbush sumac Rhus trilobata
Chokecherry Prunus virginiana
Mountain mahogany Cercocarpus montanus
Common juniper Jupiperus communis
Soapweed yucca Yucca glauca
Green rabbitbrush Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus
Sand sage Artemisia filifolia
Fringed sage Artemisia frigida
Wood’s rose Rosa woodsii
Broom snakeweed Gutierrezia sarothrae
Winterfat Krascheninnikovia lanata
Currant Ribes sp. (not sure what species but Barb has a photo)
Curly dock Rumex crispus
Prairie coneflower Ratibida columnifera
Showy milkweed Asclepias speciosa
Common sunflower Helianthus annuus
White sweetclover Melilotus alba
Yellow sweetclover Melilotus officinalis
Common salsify Tragopogon dubius
Plains pricklypear Opuntia polyacantha
Western ragweed Ambrosia psilostachya
Kochia Kochia scoparia
Curlycup gumweed Grindelia squarrosa
Blue flax Linum lewisii
“Yellow” flax Would need to be keyed or IDed from photo – either Linum puberulum, australe, or rigidum
Slimflower scurfpea Psoralidium tenuiflorum
Wavyleaf  thistle Cirsium undulatum
White sage Artemisia ludoviciana
White prairie clover Dalea candida
Miner’s candle Cryptantha sp. (need photo to get to species)
Goldenweed Haplopappus sp. (not sure what species, would need to be keyed)
Buckwheat Eriogonum sp. (again, not sure what species, but I do have a photo of this one if you don’t)
Lomatium Lomatium sp. (flowers were gone, so no ID to species)
Prostrate vervain Verbena bracteata
Velvety gaura Gaura parviflora
Milkvetch Astragalus spp. (several species without flowers that couldn’t be identified)
Crested wheatgrass Agropyron cristatum
Needle-and-thread Heterostipa comata
Western wheatgrass Pascopyrum smithii
Smooth brome Bromus inermis
Prairie junegrass Koeleria cristata
Green needlegrass Nassella viridula
Prairie sandreed Calamovilfa longifolia
Indian ricegrass Oryzopsis hymenoides
Little bluestem Schizachyrium scoparium
Sideoats grama Bouteloua curtipendula
Blue grama Bouteloua gracilis
Japanese brome Bromus japonicus
Squirreltail Elymus elymoides
Cheatgrass Bromus tectorum
Canada wild rye Elymus canadensis

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